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What does it mean to work for the Holy See?


All those who work for the Holy See assist the Holy Father in his ministry as Pastor of the Universal Church: despite the variety of assignments and duties, they truly participate in the one and unceasing activity of the Holy See, namely, in that "concern for all the Churches" (cf. 2 Cor 11:28) which, from the very beginning, animated the service of the Apostles and, which is still the essential prerogative of the successors of St. Peter in the Roman See.

Men and women, religious and laity, who become part of the Holy See's working community therefore know that their work represents a true instrument of service to the Pope and the Bishops and involves first and foremost an ecclesial responsibility to be lived in a spirit of authentic faith.


How to apply

You can examine open positions in line with your professional profile, and you can use the online form and apply by entering all the required curricular information regarding your skills, experience and preferences.

If you do not find a position in line with your professional profile, you can still send in an application spontaneously.

In any case, your application will be considered only if received by filling out the online form.